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In addition to excellent divorce and family law representation, we know that you need as much certainty about the costs of attorney representation as possible. The situation where someone is left unrepresented due to high attorney fees incurred towards the beginning of a case is more common than you might think. This is especially the case where division of a family business is involved. Using a fixed (flat) fee, when possible, unbundled legal services, and discussing the costs and benefits of pursuing various Discovery and Litigation methods, we endeavor to ensure that you have the resources to properly maintain professional attorney representation throughout your divorce, family law or bankruptcy case. We offer a free consultation.

Local Experience

I have extensive experience litigating and settling family law matters in the Los Angeles Central District (Stanley Mosk Courthouse) and also all Los Angeles County Branch Courts; primarily focusing on Long Beach, Torrance, Compton and Norwalk. In Orange County, we also litigate family law cases in the Lamoreaux Justice Center and the downtown Santa Ana court house. You may also be interested to know that, I am a Pro Bono Family Law mediator for the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Long Beach.

Family Law Focus and Return on Legal Investment Dollars

We offer professional representation in the fields of Family Law, (Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal support / alimony, Domestic Violence Restraining Orders, Paternity, post judgment modification) Civil Name Change and Bankruptcy. We are conscious of today’s economy and endeavor to provide you with the best return on your legal investment dollars. As a result, we offer representation for a low cost, fixed (flat) fee , (click for hourly rate and set fee for service),  whenever it is feasible to do so. Nevertheless, we are prepared to aggressively represent you should the other side insist on an unreasonable position or inappropriate behavior. Our tools include Extensive Discovery (Document Production, Depositions, . . ), Forensic Experts (expert accountants, appraisers), Custody Evaluations and Litigation.


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